Living in Gibraltar

Hello and Welcome to the Living in Gibraltar blog.

Living in Gibraltar

There was a continuous and increasing interest about Gibraltar in the last years.

This due to a number of measures taken from the local government to keep the tax level low which attracted many companies from the UK and therefore generated new working opportunities in this region.

I’m one of the thousands of people who decided to move in this beautiful area and I can ensure you that I truly enjoy it.  However before moving here in Gibraltar I was looking for good information on the web but unfortunately I didn’t find anything that was really updated or interesting for me.

Therefore I decided to create this blog to include a collections of the best information available about this place and its opportunities.

The web site will cover general information about living in Gibraltar, but also about working in Gibraltar.

We will have also a special category discussing about the best options for renting in Gibraltar or just across the border in Spain.

One of my goals is also to write reviews about the entertainment venues you can find in this area since this is one of the information that is really missing on-line.

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You will receive an email whenever a new article will be posted and also some additional information about opportunities strictly related to this area.

I hope you will be a regular visitor of this blog and in the mean time thank you for reading this introduction about living in Gibraltar, and if you are looking for jobs in Gibraltar why not checking our partner web site at the following address:


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